Discover our examples of use of the schedule

Staff scheduling, technician intervention schedule, medical planning, training schedule, hourly staffing, Excel activity planning, holiday planning, etc.

Planning management is an essential element in the organization and optimization of a company's productivity.
When designing our planning software, we had to deal with a multitude of different activities and planning constraints for each of our clients.
Most of our customers are looking for the ease of use and customization of a schedule in Excel without its problems of simultaneous access and limited sharing.

With Netside Planning, forget software designed only for computer engineers. Find the simplicity and speed of an Excel schedule with all the possibilities offered by a shared agenda accessible directly via the Internet.

Easily schedule your employees' leave and activity, absences, vacations and time slots. Quickly plan your teams' interventions, tasks and appointments. Easily manage your projects and easily define the booking slots for your meeting rooms and fleet of vehicles

You will find on this page different examples of schedules for different trades and activities.