Store staff's planning software

Easily manage the activity and the absences (paid leaves, RTT...) of your sellers

You encounter difficulties to manage the planning of your store sellers ?

You manage from one to several stores spread geographically all over the territory ?

Netside Planning allows you to very easily to manage all the activity and your sellers' absences (paid leaves, RTT, sick leaves...) from one mutualized planning and directly accessible from Internet.

Organize your staff members per store and per team. Plan their activity from anywhere. Manage their time-slots and print their planning in a few clicks.

You want to follow the activity and your employees' absences. Use the integrated search engine at your planning and generate some complete audits to Excel format about the activity and your employees' absences.

You want to delegate this task ? Give an access to your store managers in order for them to manage the planning of their respective perimeter. You therefore keep a centralized view of your activity and delegate the scheduling tasks.

With Netside Planning, your staff members' planning management has never been so simple and efficient.

Your store staff members' planning management