Technicians' planning

Easily manage your technicians' intervention planning

With Netside Planning, the technicians' planning management has never been so simple.

In a few clicks, easily plan their interventions at your customers from a centralized planning and directly accessible from Internet.
Easily manage their movements as well as their absences (paid leaves, RTT, sick leaves...).
Affect the appropriate resources to do your interventions by using the search filters per job and per skill.

Plan the penalty payments and use our time stamp by QR code to calculate hours worked at your customers.

Monitor the availability of your human resources (technicians, project manager...) and material (vehicles, computer equipment, logistic, room reservations...).

You need to keep a local version of your planning or just simply print it ? All the plannings can be exported to Excel format.

Follow all the interventions made per customer, per place, per resource, per category, per creator and per ticket identification number.

You want to add some additional informations in your tasks ? Add up to 5 additional fields totally customizable.

Centralize the planning of your company. Optimize your appointments scheduling. Keep a permanent contact with your human resources thanks to Mobility pack and to the possibility to send emails and SMS directly from your planning.

Thanks to the search engine and to integrated statistics, perform a complete follow of your technicians' planning (interventions, intervention types, concerned customers, leaves, number of passed hours, search by intervention ticket...) and export the result to Excel format in one click.

You can also customize, as you want, the access and writing rights of your technicians on their planning.

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