Site planning, vehicle and equipment reservation schedule

Easily manage your site planning, the planning of your fleet and your industrial equipment

Are you looking for a site monitoring schedule? Easily plan your yards, your workers and the availability of your construction equipment.

Then access your schedule from anywhere. A simple smartphone is enough to visualize your planning in details. Alert your workers of their interventions by SMS and email.

Our software, besides being able to manage the planning of your site personnel, is also perfectly adapted to the planning of material resources (vehicles, industrial tools and construction equipment) and to the planning of activities (ex: planning of the phases of a building site).

See at a glance if your vehicles are available. Easily check who uses them and for which activity.

You are an industrial equipment rental company? Easily attach a reservation to a customer and use the built-in search engine to get all the history of your rental business.

Perform complete audits of your business and export your schedule in Excel with one click.

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