To whom is our planning management software intended for ?

PME, Hotline, technicians, BTP, hotel, restaurant, store, SSII, doctors, itinerants, salespeople, training course center, medical center, hospital, personal assistance, school group, vehicles or tools rental company, social life auxiliaries, banks...

  • All the companies from 5 to several hundreds of employees, wishing to improve its productivity by optimizing the planning of its staff members and of its material resources
  • All the professions wanting to easily manage the planning of its technicians (Eg : SSII, after-sales service, garage)
  • The companies wanting to optimize their material resources scheduling (Eg : vehicle fleets planning, hotel rooms scheduling, room scheduling, rental tools planning)
  • The companies wanting to optimize the planning of their itinerants (Eg : salespeople, itinerant trainers, social life auxiliaries, doctors)
  • The companies wanting to manage the planning of geographically distant teams (Eg : multinational, superstore, stores chains)
  • The professions wanting to optimize and centralize their appointments scheduling (Eg : hotline)
  • The building and public works sector professions that have to manage the laborers' planning
  • The training course centers
  • The hotel sector and the restoration professions
  • The health centers, the hospitals
  • The personal assistance professions
  • The school groups (Eg : professors' planning)
  • The merchants wanting to manage the planning of their staff members and their appointments scheduling (Eg : hairdressing salon, store...)
  • etc.