Working hours management

Simplify scheduling of your employees directly from Internet

Looking for an online employee time management software ?

You want to easily and efficiently manage the time slots of your teams including in case of setting up modified complex schedules every week ?

Do your employees often work outside and you can not find an affordable solution so that they can point their work schedules to your customers ?

And finally you want to easily create Excel reports of time slots, hours worked and overtime done ?

Use Netside Planning to effectively manage work schedules :

  • Manage your time slots in just a few clicks and directly from Internet.
  • The management of work schedules is done on a dedicated view, outside the schedule of your activity.
  • Give your employees access rights and they will be able to view their time slots in real time from the application.
  • Use our clocking system by QR code so that your employees can point their work hours directly to your customers with a simple smartphone.
  • In just a few clicks, create an Excel report on hours worked and overtime done at your customers.
  • Need to export these time slots ? All time ranges can be exported in Excel format and can be printed in one click.

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