All the responses to your questions about Netside Planning

Netside Planning is a planning management application 100% Internet. It therefore does not need any specific installation on your work station. Only an Internet browser is necessary to use it.

Netside Planning is for all the companies from 5 to several hundreds of employees, wishing to improve its productivity by optimizing the planning of its staff members and of its material resources. To whom is our planning management software intended for ?

Yes you can access to your planning from any pc or mac connected to Internet. The access is protected by login and password and the connection is secured by SSL encoding (the safest nowadays).

No, a private access by login and password is necessary to connect to your planning.

Depending on your subscription, you can manage from 5 to several hundreds of human resources and/or material per planning.

No, the number of simultaneous connections is not limited in Netside Planning.

Yes, Netside Planning allows the access and the simultaneous modifications. Each modification by another user will appear in real-time on your work station.

No, we supply you with an "Administrator" access type allowing you to fully customize your planning as well as to create some new resources and access them.
Netside Planning was developed so that you can manage a 100% your planning in a totally autonomous way.

Your planning is only accessible on-line, but all the plannings (daily planning, weekly, monthly and time-slots) are exportable to Excel format in 1 click and can be printed when you want to.
You therefore keep all the advantages of an planning accessible from Internet with the possibility to keep a personal planning of your team to Excel format and to print it if needed.

Yes, different right types allow you to parameter the visibility and the reading/writing rights of all your access. You can even forbid the creation or the modification of certain event categories by your resources (Eg. : the paid leaves, sick leaves).

Yes, Netside Planning is available in English and French.


Netside Planning is at the moment only available in a rental mode (we host your planning). The price applies according to the number of resources to plan, the options that you want to subscribe to, as well as of your period of engagement (minimum 6 months).

2 options exist :
- The Mobility pack : it allows to access to your planning from a smartphone (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android...) or from an external agenda (Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, Google Agenda, Mozilla Lightning...)
- The SMS pack : Netside Planning allows you to directly send some SMS from the application (for the event alerts or for the direct send to some resources, customers, prospects...). We actually propose several SMS packs from 100 to 5000 SMS (volume discount as compared to number). All our SMS are international, with customizable sender and with visible acknowledgment of receipt directly from Netside Planning. The send of differed SMS is supported by the application.

Ask us for an estimation by Telephone or contact our sales department.
72 labor hours after the reception of your order form, we will send you an e-mail to indicate the link to access to your planning as well as your identifiers and password.


- Mozilla Firefox version 3 and higher
- Internet Explorer version 9 or higher versions
- Apple Safari version 5 and higher
- Google Chrome version 7 and higher

Netside Planning is compatible Windows, Mac OS and Linux

In the actual version (rental version), your planning is directly hosted on our servers. There is therefore no installation to plan on your company's network.
In a near future, we plan to propose a version that you will be able to directly install on your own server in the form of buying licenses.

All our servers (and therefore your plannings) are available 24h/24 and 7d/7. Our high-performance, redundant and monitored day and night servers ensure an excellent availability.

Yes, each planning is saved daily to independent systems.

Mobility Pack

It allows to access to your planning from a smartphone (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android...) or from an external agenda (Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, Google Agenda, Mozilla Lightning...) displayed as iCalendar (.ics) file updated in real-time.

iPhone, BlackBerry, Google phone (Android) and surely many others not yet tested by our teams.

Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, Mozilla Lightning, Google Agenda and surely many others not yet tested by our teams.

Only the synchronization needs an Internet access (3G/Wifi). Once synchronized, the calendar data will stay visible on your smartphone or an external agenda even without access to Internet.

No. In order to keep a coherence in the allocated rights to your resources in Netside Planning, your planning will not be modified from your smartphone or external agenda.

The .ics file is updated in real-time. The only existing delay is the one that you parametered in your smartphone or your external agenda for the synchronization (we recommend an automatic synchronization every 15 minutes).

For performances reasons during the synchronization (particularly for the smartphones), 120 days, thus 60 days before and 60 days after today's date will be visible on your smartphone or external agenda. This number of days can be modified, on request, by our teams.

Example : an alert defined 15 minutes before the beginning of an event in Netside Planning will make appear an alert at the same moment on your smartphone or external agenda.

All the informations of an event, even your personalized fields will be visible on your smartphone or external agenda.

The Mobility pack now includes a mobile version of Netside Planning called Netside Planning Mobile. It is accessible from any mobile telephone connected to Internet and having a browser.

By using a script language, it is totally possible to read the created .ics file and to export the calendar data to a personal database. On the other hand, we do not supply, at least not yet, these export scripts.