General terms and conditions

Article 1 : Preamble

The present general terms and conditions apply exclusively between the Netside Tools SARL company and any person visiting or buying on the site.

Every surfer can read the general terms and conditions on the site (section « terms and conditions »). These general Conditions are subject to modifications, the applicable conditions are the ones applicable on the site at the date you passed your order.

The present general conditions has the purpose to define the rights and the obligations of the parties in the context of the on-line subscription sale to use its Planning management product proposed by Netside Tools to the Customer.

The present general sale conditions are written in English and expresses the obligations, the rights of the Customer and if Netside Tools.

In this sens, the Customer recognizes to accept unreservedly all the provisions in these terms established in these general conditions. Netside Tools reciprocally commits to respect the obligations imposed upon it in the context of the same general conditions.

Article 2 : Propriety of the site and of the « Netside Planning » trademark

The presented site as well as the trademark « Netside Planning » are the properties of the Netside Tools SARL company with a capital of 10 000 euros its head office is located : 81 avenue Kheireddine Pacha - Pacha centre, bloc A, 6e étage, Apt A22 - Montplaisir, 1073 Tunis.

We accord you a limited license to the access and for using site for your personal usage. In no case you ares authorized to download or to modify all or part of this site without our written and expressed authorization. This license does not allow you in ant case to use, for sale or for any other commercial usage this site or its content (listed products, descriptions, prices, download or copy informations for another shopkeeper, using data, softwares, graphics, images, texts, photography, videos, tools).

Article 3 : Data confidentiality

3.1 Personal data
Netside Tools SARL undertakes to protect all your personal data.
All your personal data which we have gathered are treated with the most strict confidentiality and will not be transmitted to some external persons Netside Tools SARL company.

3.2 Logo and name of customer
For promotional reasons, Netside Tools may be required to display the brand (name and logo) of our customers on our Website. If the Customer does not agree with this use, Netside Tools agrees to remove them on request.

Article 4 : Contract

4.1 Conditions to make an order
Only the persons legally capable of subscribing to some contracts regarding the proposed products on the Site, can order on the Site.
during the placing of order, the Customer guaranties having the complete legal capacity to adhere to the present general conditions and therefore conclude the present contract.
During a payment by credit card, the Customer guaranties that he is completely empowered to use the credit card and that it gives access to the enough funds to cover all the necessary costs to pay the order.

4.2 Order
After having passed your order, we will send you, under 72 labor hours, an e-mail confirming your order as well as a link allowing to access it.

4.3 Contract period
The general sale conditions are concluded for all the necessary period to the subscription of the subscribed services, until the extinction of this subscription.

4.4 Conclusion of the contract
Insofar as the Customer orders on-line the services presented on the Internet site, the electronic signature of the Customer on the « order form » marks the conclusion of the contract between the Customer and Netside Tools.
Every order validated by the Customer constitutes an acceptation irrevocable of the present general conditions by the Customer.

Article 5 : Product

5.1 : Description and information on the product
The proposed product by Netside Tools is conform to the current French legislation and to the applicable standards in France.
Netside Tools makes every effort to present the main functionalities on its Internet site as well as on its demonstration version released freely during 15 days.
In case of a description error, the Customer will not automatically obtain the right to reimbursement of its subscription.

5.2 : Availability
Netside Tools engages to honor the received Orders in the limit of the availability of its product
A lack of availability of the Product, in no case the responsibility of Netside Tools shall be held, and will not entitle the Customer to claim compensation and interest.
However, Netside Tools is engaged to inform as quick as possible the Customer regarding the time of provision of its product and to eventually propose him a reimbursement.
If the Customer chooses a reimbursement, Netside Tools will do its best efforts to reimburse the Customer in a period of 30 days starting from the date at which Netside Tools will have informed the customer of the unavailability of the product.
When this time limit is exceeded for some beyond our control reasons, Netside Tools may not be prosecuted by the Customer.

Article 6 : Pricing

6.1 : Price
The prices of the sold products on the Site are indicated in Euros all taxes included and are valid as long as they are present on the description sheet of the Prices.
Notre company being an Off-shore company is not is subject to the VAT, No VAT will be applicable during the payment of the order.

6.2 : Pricing of the rental mode
The pricing of the application in rental mode is represented in the form of a 6 months (minimum), 12 months or 24 months subscription.
During the payment of the order, the sum amount due is the one stated for the total period of the subscription in question.

6.3 : Fluctuations
It is possible that the price of a same Product varies after its release on the Site. This variation can be on a ad hoc basis because realized in the context of a promotional operation which the period is limited in time.

6.4 : Eventual errors
All the prices are given unless of clearly typographical errors. If an error did occur, Netside Tools would contact the Customer to warn him of the error made by his services and will remind him that the Order will be invoiced to the corrected conditions. However, in case of a refusal of the corrected conditions, the Customer will be free to cancel the corrected Order without penalty.

Article 7 : Payment

7.1 : Payment terms and conditions
The payment will be made by bank transfer.

7.3 : Access to the bill
Netside Tools undertakes to provide to the customer, either by email, either by Internet link.

7.4 : Non-payment
Netside Tools reserves the right to suspend or to close a Customer's account that should contravene to the present General Conditions terms.
Any person who's account would have been suspended or closed cannot order on the Site without the prior authorization of Netside Tools services.
Netside Tools specifically reserves the right to refuse or to honor an Order issued from a Customer that did not totally pay a previous Order or with whom a litigation is not solved.
Netside Tools reserves itself the property rights of the product objects of the order.

Article 8 : Withdrawal period

The Customer does not have any withdrawal right of its order taking into account the sold services and the possibility to freely evaluate the product during 15 days.

Article 9 : Applicable law

9.1 : Jurisdictional competence
The general sale conditions of Netside Tools will be executed and interpreted in accordance with Tunisian law.
Assuming that one of these general conditions terms will be considered as illegal or unenforceable by a justice decision, the other terms of these conditions will remain applicable.

9.2 : Responsibility
The responsibility of Netside Tools in terms of the general sale conditions cannot exceed a sum equal to the payed or payable sums during the transaction at the origin of the said responsibility, whatever the cause or the form of the concerned action.

Article 10 : Data Protection Act

The collected informations by Netside Tools during any Order by a Customer are necessary good management of this Order.
According to the Data Protection Act law nº 78-17 of January 6th, 1978, the Customer disposes of an access right, of rectification, of opposition and of deletion of the personal data regarding him by writing, sent by post and by justifying your identity, to Netside Tools, Service client, 81 Avenue Kheireddine Pacha, Pacha Centre, Bloc A 6e Etage Apt A22- Montplaisir, 1073, TUNIS, TUNISIE