Version 2.40 available

Ability to type custom fields, redesign event search engine, and improve application performance

The version 2.40 of Netside Planning is now on-line. Below the list of novelties and of made corrections :

  • It is now possible to type optional additional fields added to the events :
    • Optional fields could only be of type Text. From now on, you have the choice to type them in one of the following formats :
      • Unique selection YES-NO : The user can select the value YES or NO for the optional field.
      • Integer type field : This field only accepts integers.
      • Decimal type field : This field only accepts integers and decimals.
      • Percent type field : Allows you to enter a percentage as the value of the optional field (value 0 to 100 max).
      • Date type field : Enter a date as the value of the optional field.
      • Date + Time type field : Enters a date + time as the value of the optional field.
      • Single-choice customized list : Create your own unique item list. The user can only choose one item from this list.
      • Multiple Choice Custom List : Create your own multiple-choice list of items. The user can choose several items from this list.
      • Personalized currency field: Create a currency field of your choice (Euros, Dollars, etc.)
    • The type of a field must be specified from the PARAMETERS > PREFERENCES page.
    • Added a new module to create custom field types of type single, multiple, and monetary list. This new module can be accessed from the PARAMETERS > FIELD TYPES menu.
    • Taking into account and displaying these new typed fields from all schedules, tooltips and Excel exports.
  • Addition of new reports for monetary fields : Each monetary value entered in an event will be automatically calculated and integrated into the reports by category, resource and per customer accessible from the page VIEWS > SEARCH OF SCHEDULED EVENTS & REPORTING. New columns are automatically created in each report for each field.
  • In the Resource Management module (PARAMETERS > RESOURCES page), a new tag has been added so that you can display the total monetary fields for each resource for the relevant period (visible from daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly schedules).
  • Revising the event search engine (VIEW > SEARCH OF SCHEDULED EVENTS & REPORTING) to take account of the new typed fields: You can now perform searches specific to the new types of optional fields (eg. : percentage less than 50%, Invoice greater than 1000 Dollars, etc.).
  • It is now possible to filter events by resource planning from the event search engine as well as from the event history search engine.
  • Increased number of days for reminders by email and SMS up to 6 months (2 months ago).
  • Improved application performance : Netside Planning is now faster for schedules containing hundreds of thousands of events and hundreds of resources.
  • Update of the documentation : Added a tutorial on configuring the mobility pack under Apple iPhone / iPad under iOs 10 and above.
  • Update of the documentation : Added a tutorial on configuring the mobility pack under Apple Calendar (Mac OS).
  • Update of the documentation : Integration of all these new functionalities.

Ability to add up to 5 additional typed fields in schedule events.