Access to its planning from a smartphone or an external application

The Mobility pack allows you to to access to your planning from a smartphone (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android...), from an external agenda (Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, Mozilla Lightning, Google Agenda...) or from any other application that supports iCalendar (.ics) file imports.

After activation, the planning of your human and material resources becomes accessible from a simple smartphone / agenda from a dedicated url and secured by SSL.

Once linked, your smartphone / agenda will automatically synchronize with Netside Planning. Your itinerants resources will therefore be warned in real-time of the modification of their planning.
A simple Internet access (3G/WIFI ...) is enough to synchronize your planning. The calendar data are then stocked and directly visible from your smartphone / agenda even if it is not connected to Internet (only the data synchronization needs an Internet access).

All the filled informations in Netside Planning will be visible from your smartphone / agenda, including your personalized fields. The defined alerts in Netside Planning will also be active in your smartphone / agenda (ex : an alert by email defined 15 minutes before the event will make appear an agenda alert at the same moment on your smartphone).

In order to keep a coherence in the rights allocated to your resources in Netside Planning, the planning of your resource will not be able to be modified from the smartphone or the external agenda. You therefore keep a total control on the planning of your resources, and allowing them to view their planning from anywhere.

The mobility pack includes A mobile version of Netside Planning

With Netside Planning Mobile, access from anywhere to your personal planning from your mobile telephone connected to Internet (Blackberry, iPhone, Htc, Nokia, Windows Mobile...) and having a browser.

View in real-time your tasks of the day and of the week. Access to all their details from a simple move.

Your technicians or your salespeople need to quickly view their tasks and their appointments of the day when they are away ?
Thanks to Netside Planning Mobile, they will be able to follow in real-time their planning of the day or of the week directly from their mobile telephone.

Netside Planning Mobile is integrated to Mobility pack without any additional cost. It completes our actual mobility offer in order to simplify our customers' nomad lives.

Thanks to Mobility Pack, you will have from now on the choice to access to your planning displayed as icalendar (.ics) file.or with an Internet application optimized for the mobiles.

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Access to your planning from a smartphone