Version 1.50 available

The 14/02/2013 : New version of Netside Planning - New History of events module, confidential optional fields, improvement of the events and alerts validations by email/SMS

The version 1.50 of Netside Planning is now on-line. Below the list of new features and corrections made :

  • Integration of a new event follow-up module called History of events : This module allows to track the whole life of an event from its creation to its deletion including all the details of each Add / Modification and deletion (Dates, Last modifier, field details, etc.). This module includes a search engine and the possibility to export the desired history to Excel format.
  • Add of an icon in each event allowing to directly access to its history : This icon is only accessible to administrators and mangers of the application, and is only available for the events created after the V1.50 update.
  • Add of additional options in the settings of the application allowing to put in blind certified copy one or several email addresses during the send of event alerts by email.
  • Send an email or SMS to the stakeholder during the deletion of an event if an email or SMS alert has been previously sent during the add or the modification of the event.
  • Add of an additional option on the PARAMETERS > SETTINGS page allowing to force or not the send of an email during the deletion of an event.
  • Improvement of the simplified validation system of the events : The following validation states have been added for the simplified validation system : Refused and Pending validation in addition to the Validated state.
  • Add of confidential fields : Add of the possibility to make one or several optional fields invisible to users and guests.
  • The visibility of optional fields in all the Excel exports and sends of emails is taken into account.
  • Il is from now on possible to cancel the last importation during the contacts import.
  • Integration of a help on the configuration of the Mobility pack for the smartphones and tablets with Google Android.
  • Mobility pack : Improvement of the reconnaissance of the ICS file with Microsoft Outlook and Google Android
  • Correction of different bugs and various improvements of the interface

New module History of events
History of events to Excel
Improvement of the event validation in the planning