Pointing the time slots of your employees

Discover our clocking system by QR code and smartphone

Netside Planning offers its time code system by QR code to record the time slots of your employees in real time and at a lower cost.

Print these QR codes at your customers and your employees will only have to point directly with their smartphone . Each score will update their time slots in Netside Planning in real time.

Forget the complex and expensive implementation of electronic time clock in your company or your customers. Opt for our reliable and ultra-simple solution to set up and use.

Each employee can have multiple QR time code (a different one for each client). Customize these QR codes to customize the time slots created in Netside Planning (eg project, ID, comments, etc.).

Our clocking system also manages the scores in staggered hours and thus allows, for example, to finish a time score started the day before.

Each time score is geolocated . You can therefore check directly from our application if your employee has pointed at the customer. Each time score is of course logged in the application.

Track these scores in real time and easily create reports on hours worked and overtime at your customers. Then export these reports in Excel format.

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