Netside Planning : Online Employee scheduling software

Optimize the activity of your company.
Manage the planning of your human and material resources from Internet.

With Netside-Planning, facilitate the planning management of your company. Plan in real-time and simultaneously the activity of your human and material resources from a simple Internet browser.

From our secured interface and directly accessible from Internet, manage your staff member's planning from anywhere.

What is, Netside-Planning ?

  • A clear, easy and quick management of the activity of your human and material resources on a day-to-day basis from the different daily plannings, weeklies and monthlies
  • An easy follow-up of your projects and of your employees' planning management (activity, paid leaves, RTT, sick leaves...)
  • A clear and quick way to organize the activity, and therefore the productivity of your teams
  • the possibility to easily manage the scheduling of 5 to several hundreds of simultaneous resources and directly from Internet
  • A real activity follow-up dedicated to your customers (all the planned events can be linked to one customer and to one place)
  • A real centralized scheduling tool. Centralize your appointments scheduling and quickly inform your customers of your availabilities. Your teams on the field will just have to carry on
  • A management of the access rights and of the visibility of the planning is totally customizable
  • A time-slots management of your integrated employees and simple to set up, including for the time-slots the most difficult to manage (hotlines, 3/8, restoration professions...)
  • An integrated event search engine offering you the possibility to make some complex audits complexes of your activity, with a possible result exportation to Excel format
  • Follow-up statistics displayed as graph allowing you to audit the passed time on your projects, to quickly highlight the absence days and half-days of your employees, the number of passed hours at a customer, etc.
  • An easy way to keep in touch with your teams, even the most distant and mobiles. With a single click send, emails or SMS to your teams directly from Netside-Planning
  • You want to automatically alert your resources of an event that is going to begin ?
    Netside-Planning manages the alerts by email or SMS from 5 minutes to several days before the beginning of the event
  • the possibility to filter your resources by name, geographical site, team, type (human or material), job/function or skill
  • the possibility to filter your events by category, place and customer
  • You want to export your plannings or or just simply print them ?
    All the plannings are exportable to Excel format and loans to be printed
  • The Mobility Pack allows your resources the most mobile to access in real-time to their planning from a smartphone (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android...) or an external agenda (Outlook, Apple iCal, Mozilla Lightning, Google Agenda...)

To whom is our planning management software intended for ?

  • All the companies from 5 to several hundreds of employees, wishing to improve its productivity by optimizing the planning of its staff members and of its material resources
  • All the professions wanting to easily manage the planning of its technicians (Eg : SSII, after-sales service, garage
  • The companies wanting to optimize their material resources scheduling (Eg : vehicle fleet planning, hotel rooms scheduling, rooms scheduling, rental tools planning)
  • The companies wanting to optimize the planning of their itinerants (Eg : salespeople, itinerant trainers, social life auxiliaries, doctors)
  • The companies wanting to manage the planning of teams geographically distant (Eg : multinational, superstore, stores chains)
  • The jobs wanting to optimize and centralize their appointments scheduling (Eg : hotline)
  • The building and public works sector professions that have to manage the laborers' planning
  • The training course centers
  • The hotel sector and the restoration professions
  • The health centers, the hospitals
  • The personal assistance professions
  • The school groups (Eg : professors' planning)
  • The merchants wanting to manage the planning of their staff members and their appointments scheduling (Eg : hairdressing salon, store...)
  • etc.

No software to install, Netside-Planning just needs a simple Internet browser to work (Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Safari or Google Chrome).

Multi-platforms : Netside-Planning is compatible Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

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