Version 2.10 available

New Employee absence days follow-up module and improved display of validated events

The version 2.10 of Netside Planning is now on-line. Below the list of novelties and of made corrections :

  • New absence days follow-up modules :
    • A new absence days follow-up module is from now on available from the VIEWS > ABSENCES DAY FOLLOW-UP menu. It allows to precisely follow the audited absences days such as the paid leaves, the complementary rest days, etc.
    • This new module, totally customizable allows to display in real-time, the capital of available days, the number of taken days and the number of remaining days for each type of absence.
    • The managers and administrators have the possibility to modify case by case the capital of each resource for each absence day follow-up.
    • The audits are realized month by month. The previous month are automatically archived.
    • All of the follow-ups are exportable to EXCEL format in just one click and are printable from it.
    • A new module allows to add and to manage the absence days follow-up. It is only accessible to administrators.
  • The search module has been improved. Two new fields have been added : A field allowing to search some access by team right and another by resource right.
  • The events search engine now allows detailing / edit an event directly.
  • The contacts Excel export contains from now on sorter filters.
  • For a better visibility, the Waiting for validation, Validated and with a Refused validation events have from now on a header with the same color in the plannings.
  • New icons for the Waiting for validation, Validated and for a Refused validation events.
  • Adding a date search engine and a CSV export in the 'History of SMS' module.
  • Improvement of the general ergonomic.
  • Documentation update : Integration of all the new functionalities.

New Employee absences day follow-up module
New colors for Waiting for validation, Validated and with a Refused validation events